Thursday, 1 July 2010

Especially for Jupiter

This is my first posting and it especially for you, Jupiter. Welcome!!

Firstly , please don't add a comment. If you do, I will have an email address of yours and our anonymity will be breeched.

Similarly, I won't be making comments on yours or on any of the other planets that we invite.

Set up your own blog and URL address. Find the same template as mine and use the same subtitle.

BUT, we are equal and if you have a different format that you prefer, post it on YOUR blog.

I'm going to request RRD to be the intermediary for us. If we can post comments there on a special blog written by him, we would all be able to link to each other with only him having our email addresses. We'd have to trust him to keep them to himself. He's a doctor, isn't he? He should know how to keep such information to himself!!

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