Sunday, 4 July 2010

Mutual Admiration!!

What a wonderful idea to have a background of our planet, Jupiter. You've got real talent. I'm just a boring old ...

I'm going to have to wake up my ideas!!

It's such a beautiful day. In fact it's been a wonderful week. My garden looks great and I'm at peace with the world. What more could an old man want??

Now, I want people to start reading my blog!! Otherwise, I might feel a bit less happy tomorrow. Oh no I won't!! I'm up at the crack of dawn on Monday (or will it even be light?) to go to a family party. Must set my alarm!!

I wonder what (and who) our next planet will be. Remember, you can't join our constellation directly. You have to be anonymous. You send a comment to and either Jupiter or Pluto will let you in!!

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